Friday, June 22, 2007

I will not drink wine until......

On my new book Software Testing Interview questions. Complete around 150 pages.....For whatever reason feeling a bit tired. For past 3 days not penned down a single word.......
Shiv's Inner heart :- You need punishment shiv......You can not drink Wine until you do not finish this book.....

Shiv's Outer heart :- But i am tired...Shifting my house , now a days evening cooking is also on my list

Shiv's Inner heart :- Hmmmm Whats your Goal ?

Shiv's Outer Heart :- To become one of the biggest publications software company of the world....

Shiv's Inner heart :- Ok you can relax forget everything....and yes also forget your dreams.

Shiv's outer heart :- No No thats just not possible

Shiv's Inner heart:- Then take the punishment.

Shiv's outer heart :- Ok done.....But will this dream come true.

Shiv's Inner heart :- You can only do hard will follow....

Shiv's Outer Heart :- Done.....I will complete this book till this month end.

;-) Footprints on the sand are not done by sitting at the beach.

Booooooom....Following my dreams.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Woman behind me.....Every author needs it

Today i was really tired.....Was not able to complete my chapter on reporting services....Do not know when i got my eyes off and slept on the computer keyboard. Competely drained i was not sure i will meet my publishers deadline...There cam my boost my wife with hot tea..Waked me up...Booom completed by reporting services chapter in two 4 hours.

hey vishna , i am so selfish , i have taken so much from you and our kids , how can you tolerate me for the whole life ?.

Love you forever.....

Meet you Aashish Again....

Yesterday was a sad and also a good day. Aashish kedia one of my freinds is leaving to US for further studies. Even though i was his senior in Accenture, for what ever reason i always felt he is like a good friend to me. Do not how many cheers we had together in Suraj Bar, those long big talks and working together to solve all those defects in FHLBC......

Will always remember you as a very good freind , epecially and very very good drink partner....Hope to see you soon.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Some body copied by title as it is ?

One of my readers mailed this to be......God damn this guy just used exactly the same name of my book.....Height of copying....
Looks like dreamtech is not doing good so have to bow down to copy cat authors...
Looks like we indians are bend down to do copying and bootlegging....I understand finally its business and money right.

Some body talked about me in a bengali magazine

Got published in of the bengali IT magazine......
Never thought some one will write about me.....Hehehehe just makes you feel better

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Family My insipration

Love you so much....You are my inspiration. Always with me either in bad times or good times.....

My kid....May you rise higher......Dad is with you.

You are NUT....Monkey

Hahahahahah....Kya hukum hai Aka.....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some new assigments i am working

Working on two new books :-

-- Software testing Interview questions
-- Thinking inside hackers mind
-- Best practices in .NET

Any new ideas do let me know.

C# and ASP.NET projects book

Boooom....Just crossed one more mountain....Released C# and ASP.NET projects book. Recevied good and cool feedbacks. But some projects which i will be adding in the future edition :-

--- Reports projects
--- Accounting application
--- Database compare tool.
--- Email sender

Crossing my fingers.....for the years end sales for this book.