Sunday, August 24, 2008

501 Attack patterns by hackers

Ok here's something four hours video on 501 ways a hacker can attack your website

Design pattern videos..

Tired but feeling great
Complete three hours design pattern video i am sure you will enjoy it

Was nominated for MVP but....

By the way i am just updating my post i am MVP now....So no hard feelings

Below is a email which i got from . The first time i read this email i felt like yes i want to be MVP. There was some form i filled up and sent the same. After some day some one called me asked , heres the conversation
The guy from Microsoft :- Hi Shiv this is XXXXX from Microsoft. Can we talk
Me - Yes please
The guy from Microsoft :- Well this is in regard to the MVP program.
Me ( Puri chati phul gayi ) :- Yes yes please go ahead :-)
Lot of blah blah but now lets come to the main point
The guy from Microsoft :- So you only write books but aren't you specialized in some particular technology.
Me - Nope i write books so that developer gets job and i think thats the best way to serve a society.
Guy from Microsoft :- I am not sure where i can really fit you in. Let me see it. Thanks and bye

Yes , i know i will not be selected for MVP as i have written only books which help people get jobs or books for common people and developers. I am sure i will not be considered for this. Not specialized in a subject , but hey specialized in delivering something which can fetch bread and butter for a developer who is jobless....My target is not MVP but i think Microsoft should consider it.

Now comes the second thing in my mind when a developer gets a job and he says thanks in email is more worth than the MVP degree , isn't it freinds.
Hi Shiv,
I would like to introduce you to the Microsoft MVP Program.
Microsoft recognizes and awards technical experts who contribute regularly to the community. The MVP Award is given in recognition of a recipient's technical expertise, spirit of community, and their willingness to help their peers by providing reliable and accurate information about Microsoft products & technologies. An MVP is a person with a passion for technology. For more details of the program, please check