Sunday, June 10, 2007

C# and ASP.NET projects book

Boooom....Just crossed one more mountain....Released C# and ASP.NET projects book. Recevied good and cool feedbacks. But some projects which i will be adding in the future edition :-

--- Reports projects
--- Accounting application
--- Database compare tool.
--- Email sender

Crossing my fingers.....for the years end sales for this book.


Shivprasad Koirala said...

you can download it from

Wajid Ali said...

I am from Pakistan. Your Book "C# and ASP.NET projects" is not avaialable in pakistan. I have confirmed from 'vanguard' and other some many book shop at Mall Raod Lahore Pakistan. According to 'Vanguard' This is out of stock and may be not avaiable up to 6 months. Now help how i can buy this book.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks Koirala,Iam really benefited by reading your books.Crystal and clear concepts. I recently got a job in UK in .net.

Techie Pads said...

From where I can get the codes for all the projects in the book

Anonymous said...

Where can I get the codes in the book?

Anonymous said...

I have read ur .Net interview question book. It is one of the best book i have ever read. Now i am working in Australia because of ur book thanks

Anonymous said...

I have read ur .Net interview question book. It is one of the best book i have ever read. Now i am working in Australia because of ur book thanks

Sharepoint Bytes said...


i have studied ur .Net interview books but the codes r in VB only,can i get the codes in C# b'coz i have no idea of VB.

Thank you

manjinder.bajwa said...

I have gone through ur book.The book is awsome and i have learned and gained extra knowledge from it.
But the coding is given in VB.I have done C#.Can u send me the interview questions for ASP.NET with C# coding on my email:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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