Monday, December 31, 2007

taare zameen par

Watched with my kid......Damn the whole theater was crying. Amir as usual awesome. Best part i liked is when the kid goes away from his mom to the hostel....My kid caught my hand said please dad do not do that with me...

Worth watching with Kids.....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

IT Software Quotes

Working on a very special book IT quotes here are some do let me know if you heard anything good mail it to me at

No source code is perfect it has to be made perfect (refactoring).

A late night sitting developer is a sign of poor estimation.

A over process oriented software company is a sign of organized hypocrisy.

When a project manager over commits to the end customer it’s the developer who suffers.

We are tired to hearing again and again process does not work, ofcourse it’s not supposed to work, we have to make it work.

If an IT management allows me to produce 1000 different types of metrics, I can easily give an illusion that the project is healthy.

A good leader and a good IT project manager is not the same thing.

When a choice has to be made between quality and deadline, it’s seldom that quality wins.

More to come......

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy new year guys.....:Launching Project Management Interview Questions

Happy christmas and new year....Ejoy life... Give time to your family

My new book launch Project Management Interview Questions

Project Management Interview Questions
Define project?
Who is a stakeholder?
Can you explain Scope triangle?
Can you explain what’s a vision and a goal?
What is ROI?
Can you explain project life cycle?
You have people in your team who do not meet there deadlines or do not perform what are the actions you will take?
Are risk constant through out the project?
Explain SDLC (Software development Life Cycle) in detail?
Can you explain waterfall model?
Can you explain big-bang waterfall model?
Can you explain phased waterfall model?
Explain Iterative model, Incremental model, Spiral model, Evolutionary model and V-Model?
Explain Unit testing, Integration tests, System testing and Acceptance testing?
what’s the difference between system and acceptance testing?
Which is the best model?
What is CAR (Causal Analysis and Resolution)?
What is DAR (Decision Analysis and Resolution)?
Can you explain the concept of baseline in software development?
What is the software you have used for project management?
What does a project plan consist?
When do you say the project has finished?
Can you explain what a PMO office is?
How many members in your team you have handled?
Is GANTT chart a project plan?
Two resources are having issues how do you handle the same?
What is a change request?
How did you manage change request in your project?
Can you explain traceability matrix?
what is configuration management?
What is CI?
Define stakeholders?
Can you explain versioning?
Can you explain the concept of sign off?
How will you start a project?
what is an MOU?
What where the deliverables in your project?
Can you explain your project?
Do you also participate in technical activities?
How did you manage code reviews?
you have team member who does not meets his deadlines how do you handle it?
did you have project audits if yes how was it handled?
What is a non-conformance report (NCR)?
How did you estimate your project?
How did you motivate your team members?
did you create leaders in your team if yes how?
how did you confirm that your modules are resource independent?
Was your project show cased for CMMI or any other project process standardization?
what are the functions of the Quality Assurance Group (QAG)?
Can you explain milestone?
How did you do assessment of team members?
What does entry and exit criteria mean in a project?
Risk Management
Define risk?
What is risk break down structure?
How did you plan your risk?
what is DR, BCP and contingency planning?
Schedule Management
Can you explain WBS?
Can you explain WBS numbering?
How did you do resource allocation?
Can you explain the use of WBS?
Can you explain network diagram?
What are the different types of network diagram?
What is the advantage of using network diagrams?
Can you explain Arrow diagram and Precendence diagram?
What are the different types of Network diagrams?
Can you explain Critical path?
Can you define EST, LST, EFT, LFT?
Can you explain Float and Slack?
Can you explain PERT?
Can you explain GANTT chart?
What is the disadvantage of GANTT chart?
What is Monte-Carlo simulation?
Can you explain PV, AC and EV?
Can you explain BCWS, ACWS and BCWP?
What are the derived metrics from Earned Value?
Can you explain earned value with a sample?
Estimation, Metrics and Measure
What is meant by measure and metrics?
Which metrics have you used for tracking purpose?
What are the various common ways of estimation?
Can you explain LOC method of estimation?
How do we convert LOC in to effort?
Can you explain COCOMO?
Can you explain Intermediate COCOMO and COCOMO II?
How do you estimate using LOC?
Can you explain in brief Function points?
Can you explain the concept Application boundary?
Can you explain the concept of elementary process?
Can you explain the concept of static and dynamic elementary process?
Can you explain concept of FTR, ILF, EIF, EI, EO , EQ and GSC ?
How can you estimate number of acceptance test cases in a project?
Can you explain the concept of Use Case’s?
Can you explain the concept of Use case points?
What is a use case transaction?
How do we estimate using Use Case Points?
Can you explain on what basis does TPA actually work?
How did you do estimation for black box testing?
How did you estimate white box testing?
Is there a way to estimate acceptance test cases in a system?
Can you explain Number of defects measure?
Can you explain number of production defects measure?
Can you explain defect seeding?
Can you explain DRE?
Can you explain Unit and system test DRE?
How do you measure test effectiveness?
Can you explain Defect age and Defect spoilage?
Software process
What is a Software process?
what are the different cost element involved in implementing process in an organization?
What is a model?
What is maturity level?
Can you explain the concept of process area in CMMI?
Can you explain the concept of tailoring?
What is CMMI?
what’s the difference between implementation and Institutionalization?
what are different models in CMMI?
Can you explain staged and continuous models in CMMI?
Can you explain the different maturity levels in staged representation?
Can you explain capability levels in continuous representation?
which model should we use and under what scenarios?
How many process areas are present in CMMI and in what classification do they fall in?
What the difference between every level in CMMI?
what different sources are needed to verify authenticity for CMMI implementation?
Can you explain SCAMPI process?
How is appraisal done in CMMI?
which appraisal method class is the best?
Can you explain the importance of PII in SCAMPI?
Can you explain implementation of CMMI in one of the Key process areas?
Explanation of all process areas with goals and practices?
Can you explain the process areas?
Six Sigma
What is six sigma?
Can you explain the different methodology for execution and design process in SIX sigma?
What does executive leaders, champions, Master Black belt, green belts and black belts mean?
What are the different kinds of variations used in six sigma?
Can you explain the concept of standard deviation?
Can you explain the concept of fish bone/ Ishikawa diagram?
What is Pareto principle?
Can you explain QFD?
Can you explain FMEA?
Can you explain X bar charts?
Can you explain Flow charting and brain storming?
Agile Development
What does Agile mean?
Can you explain Agile modelling?
What are core and supplementary principles in Agile modeling?
What is the main principle behind Agile documentation?
What are the different methodologies to implement Agile?
What is XP?
What are User Stories in XP and how different are they from requirement?
Who writes User stories?
When do we say a story is valid?
When are test plans written in XP?
Can you explain the XP development life cycle?
Can you explain how planning game works in Extreme Programming?
How do we estimate in Agile?
On What basis can stories be prioritized?
Can you point out simple differences between Agile and traditional SDLC?
Can you explain the concept of refactoring?
What is a feature in Feature Driven Development?
Can you explain the overall structure of FDD project?
Can you explain the concept of time boxing?
When to choose FDD and when to choose XP?
What is SCRUM?
What does product owner, product back log and sprint mean in SCRUM?
Can you explain how SCRUM flows?
Can you explain different roles in SCRUM?
Can you explain DSDM?
Can you explain different phases in DSDM?
Can you explain in detail project life cycle phase in DSDM?
Can you explain LSD?
Can you explain ASD?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Watched dus kahaniya...

Watched dus kahaniya...
This sunday watched dus kahaniya....Only one word do not watch it....Liked only one story of Shabana azmi and naseruddin shah.

Great Friday and best of luck

Great Friday and best of luck
It was great friday, met old Accenture freinds , sea food eating and fun talks. One of my X colleague Sheethal Chacko is getting married and will be leaving for US. It was really nice working with you and hope the best for you.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Confessions of a Small Publisher :- Szuprowicz

Confessions of a Small Publisher

At our monthly meeting of writers recently we invited a small publisher to tell us about the book publishing realities. Here are some useful items:

They get an average of 35 book submissions every week. Agented and otherwise. That’s at least 1500 per year and they publish only 5-7 every year. That’s about 99.5% rejection rate.

We asked about criteria for rejection. They take first 30 pages of your manuscript and give it to at least 5 independent “readers” who then suggest to the publishers which manuscripts to read in full.

They also give advances, which means you sell them your book. When they decide to publish they go with traditional printers and print 5000 copies or so to have a very low cost and leave as much margin as possible for promotion and marketing costs. They announce a new title at least 6 months before it is scheduled and then send up to 100 copies of book to reviewers.

It does not matter who it is. I believe that many small new publishers are much the same.