Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Farewell to my guru Mr.Thamaka Nadan

Sad news that Mr. Thamaka Nadan is no more. A senior whom i worked with when i was a fresher. He was at that time the Chief Arch of DELL App. I always admired him for his technical qualities. But more than that i admired him as a good , caring and very nice senior. Just wanted to pay a tribute to my guru by remembering one of the incidence which changed my life and especially made me clear about the role a architecture has to play:-

I was assigned on a project which had approx 40 team members with core developer of 35 and the rest manager. Mr Nadan governed projects so he was not directly involved with the team. We had a design phase of 4 months. The output of the same was highly complicated , sophisticated technical document. Our project architecture gave the team members the document and bad part was none of us knew UML. Even my UML knowledge was not to that par. So i just went to the project architecture and gave my view i am not able to grasp what the document is speaking. He blasted , what kind of technical people i have on the project ?. People who do not know UML should be rolled off. That was a bad sign for me. It was a big project i did not wanted to be left out. Some how Mr Nadan came to know about the same. He called me at my desk and told me to come to his cabin. He took the document and made me understand the same with simple flow chart , pseudo-code and block diagrams. In a minute i had everything what i need to start. He told me that come on a Saturday and i will take your 1 hour lecture of UML. I understood crisp and clear what the document said. Till today the UML he taught i have not forgotten. I got the best developer award in the project after one year. Till today no one knew Mr. Nadan had explained me the same with simple pseudo code or else i would have never coded my module.
He told me one thing whats the use of UML if your developer does not understand it. The most important thing a architecture should know is what the language the developer understands and talk in the same language......

This is the biggest lesson i learnt from you , hats off and my tribute to my guru.

Excel FAQ for office...Can not stop writing....

On my new project EXCEL FAQ for Office. Hope to make a small place in the hearts of accountants , financial and brokerage firms. Alive , still writing .....
Common Formulas
How to find average of a given set of results?
How do we concatenate in excel?
Investment, loan and Interest calculation
How can we calculate compounding interest in excel?
How do we calculate future and present value for series of cash flow?
To achieve 61051 INR after 5 yrs at 10% interest rate what should be the yearly investment amount?
How do we calculate number of years for given rate of interest and loan value?
How do we calculate rate of interest?
How do we calculate straight line depreciation?
What is double declining depreciation?
How do we calculate depreciation using ‘sum of year digit’?
How can we calculate depreciation for a certain time period?