Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Somebody criticsed me....Its good for health

Dear Sir,

I have got a chance to read your Sample Interview Question Book" pdf which has some selected questions from your ".Net Interview Questions" and "SQL Server Interview Questions" books. We really appreciate your hard work. But the intention of this mail is not only to appreciate you but also to point out the grammatical and other few mistakes that we found in each and every page of this pdf. Few things I have to ask you,

1. Have you ever read your book after it is fully written?
2. Have you read your book atleast before it is published or exported as pdf?
3. Have you atleast asked somebody to review your book before you made it as live?
4. Have you atleast consulted some people who is strong in english?

Please don't mistake me or curse me for asking these questions to you.The reason for these above questions is: The pdf which I have gone through is having 451 pages from top to bottom. Each and every page has atleast one grammatical mistake. See few examples I have given below,

Page #3 in PDF: Buy my SQLServer Interview questions to crack any database related questions (What do you mean by this?)Page #25 in PDF:But when I looked at my friends resume they where gorgeous. ("where" or "were' ?????)

If I start pointing out all the mistakes then I have to write a 50 page email to you. Each and every page has grammatical and punctuation mistakes. We can atleast adjust the punctuation marks. But grammatical mistakes???

I have a very kind request. If you are going to write any new books, please follow few guidelines before you make them live.

1.Please read the book thoroughly and check whether you have prepared them in a proper manner or not.
2. Give the blue print copy to some other person and ask them to read it from top to bottom. So that they can point out all these such mistakes. Make sure that the person who is going to read the book should have some good english knowledge.
3. Dont urge yourself to release the book. Take your own time. Spend one more week with your blue print and finalize everything.
4. Try to meet other technical writers. So that you will come to know how to overcome these minor mistakes.
5. If you think it is too hard for you to write good english, then you please concentrate on technical side and hire some other person (probably a steno or a typist) who is an english expert. Hand over the writing job to him.

I am writing this mail not to hurt you but just to improve your sales. I am not a technical guru. Also I am just an average guy in English. But our english is far enough to communicate others via mail, chat or in person. But if we are going to meet public (say writing a book, a public meeting, a group discussion etc.,) then we should be professional. A million people will read your book. He/She should be impressed by the way you write. Then only they'll buy your book again and again.


Hariprasad R

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Anonymous said...

dear sir,
i have read your interview book on software testing & this book helped me a lot on improving my basic fundamentals on testing really it,s very knowledgable book