Monday, August 6, 2007

My Interview with Times

Tarunesh :- Hi today we have in Times chat with us Mr Shivprasad Koirala. Well the name speaks everything. If you are ever looking for IT jobs then his book comes at the top. A renowned author In IT industry. With best sellers like .NET interview questions , SQL Server Interview questions , Software testing Interview questions , Java Interview questions , C# projects .... and it goes on. Before this interview i was chatting with him and believe me down to earth and awesome humor.

S Koirala :- Thanks Tarunesh no body appreciated me so much in my life....I am feeling really shy about it.

Tarunesh :- Please do not say that...You are really awesome. Ok Sir shall we start.

S Koirala :- Can you call me Shiv , makes me feel good and homely....or else it would be difficult to finish this interview off with that SIR word.

Tarunesh :- Ok Shiv , First thing how did this idea come to you Interview question books.

S koirala :- I started writing my career when i was in Europe greece. The first two books "Accounting Application in VB6" and "How to prepare Software quotation?" was never published by any publisher ( smilingly ). When i used to give my books to review to any publisher i really used to get bad review for my english. I do accept my english is not that good , but i think its enough to understand what i say. I think i approached almost all the publishers around the world but none took up. Because both the books are like very much away from how traditional technical books are written. The best part is now these two books are available as free ebooks and i get every day one email for both these books. After that i wondered why any
publisher did not want to publish by books , whats wrong , Should i stop writing such kind of books and only write those traditional hello world books or books which are meant for starters. But my inner heart never agreed to it. So i wrote again a weird book .NET Interview questions. Till that time i was already in india. Because of my Indian English i had to limit myself to Indian publishers. But again the same history none of the indian publishers where ready to take it up. Some of the indian publisher reviewer also sent mocking emails i wonder what went wrong. Then i approached BpB publication Manish Jain. He took up the challenge. I really do not know how he took up the risk with a author who was not yet established and a book which is very much away from normal traditional technical books. Thats why he was able to reate legends like Yeshwant Kanetkar , Vijay Mukhi and Ivan bayross. BpB published my book and suddenly with in a week i started receving around 10 to 20 emails every day. I knew things are working for me. I just called up the Mumbai book store how my book is doing....Pat he said in one week we sold 200 copies.....I think thats decent for fresh author.

Tarunesh :- But don't you think in todays world where eBooks are free and the internet presence books business is gone down a lot.

S Koirala :- When the world is changing only innovative ideas can save you. Yes the book sales have gone down a lot but still its not a bad market. But yes in technical books only those will sell which can make space in your house or else forget it. Yes the internet presence is good and bad as well. The best way is write a book give it free in the internet and if its worth let people buy it.....This is the way Bruce eckles works and i also do the same thing.Tarunesh :- Say it truely whats your income from books.

S Koirala :- First no one has become rich by writing books which are Non-Fictonal. Yes they do get a good name in the Industry which can be used for grabbing projects. Now about my income i think its not that great but still to a decent level which can help me feed my family Similingly ). But believe me not to that mark which you are thinking.

Tarunesh :- You have very nicely hided our income

S Koirala :- No its a fact. My income from books this year is only around 2 lakhs which is really not that big. Because from the same i also need to pay salaries , maintenance and then my income. But definetly book business have a huge potential if you really go properly. That's what i trust so i am walking on this road....Trying to make it my full time bread and butter.

Tarunesh :- Which book was really tough from technical perspective and which is your best book from all.

S Koirala :- Java Interview was my my tough book because i had no clue what JAVA is. So reading JAVA , Meeting the industry people and trying to produce some thing for interviews was a tough nut to crack. All my books are to my heart. BUt "How to prepare Software quotation "is the best what i think i have written till now , its not a published book. But from my
perspective i had really poured hard work in writing the same....for whatever reason no publisher ever liked it.

Tarunesh :- If i am not mistaken you work for some company.

S Koirala :- I work for VFS currently which is Visa facilitator company for embassies around the world. Tha's what i was saying before my house does not run with books incomes it runs with salary (Smilingly).

Tarunesh :- It must be really difficult to manage.

S Koirala :- It is indeed. I mean your mind has to run in two places , which some times becomes tiresome. But i think nothing is easy in this world. I hope in the coming times i.e. 2 years down the line i will be a independent technical data generation for major publishers and website. Then i am going to resign from my job.

Tarunesh :- Whats your strongest point.

S Koirala :- I think....i have lot of energy and i work with enthusiasm and confidence.

Tarunesh :- And the weakest

S Koirala :- I am short tempered and i change my decision's very fast sometimes which can be harmful at times.

Tarunesh :- Who is your inspiration.

S Koirala :- My Dad , the way he struggled from a small farmer of nepal to india is appreciable and i am proud to be his son. Three big things i inherited from him be consistent in your work to acheive your goal ,second do not loose confidence during bad times and finally respect is everything do not loose it. My Dad is retired now and he does tell me son you do not
have time for me. Indeed all these deadly schedules have made me away from my Dad. But from the past 2 months i am making a point to make one call in two days.

Tarunesh :- Are you basically from Nepal

S Koirala :- My Dad came to india 40 years back. I was born and brought up here in India. Nepal is my birth mother and India is my care taking mother.

Tarunesh :- So are you indian or nepali

S Koirala :- You are putting me in a scoop. By Law i hold a indian citizenship. But by heart both these countries are important for me. As said before one gave birth and the other took care. In fact i am looking for the dual citizen ship now.

Tarunesh :- Any bad phase you have gone through.

S koirala :- I had struggle in my life because i come from a not so well settled financial family. But i will not count my struggle as bad phase , its just like moving to a good phase.

Tarunesh :- But still anything you can remember of.

S Koirala :- Are you saying in terms of professional career or personal ?. If personal i will not like to share it , sorry to be harsh.

Tarunesh :- Which is the best organization you have worked with ?

S Koirala :- Griffin Marine is to my heart because i built my house in this company. VFS where i work currently is good because here i realized how to work under pressure and perform..

Tarunesh :- Now to some reality....Say it by heart do you copy other Authors. What i have heared is you do copy US authors.

S Koirala :- I do read their books , so yes the ideas do come from there. But definetly i do not do CONTOL + C and CONTRL + V.Technical writing is a bit different from fictional. In technical writing we write about products manufactured from organization like Microsoft , SUN etc. So for us the primary source is their documentation. We only simplify the same. So frankly if you look in that terms then every technical author copies.

Tarunesh :- Do n't you think that with writing books like Interview questions you are probably showing developers short cut to success.

S Koirala :- First things Tarun there is no short cut to success. By reading my books its possible he can clear the interview but then what happens in real projects....That's were his quality will take him. Why i write interview question books because i think the most important thing is JOB , money to feed family and then comes fundamentals and big talks. I am sure you can
not teach design patterns and SOA to a guy who is jobless....He needs his daily bread and butter first.

Tarunesh :- Is that you will be only focusing on Interview question series ?.

S Koirala :- No i have recently started writing books on Projects which will give developers a different angle of learning. My recent book C# and ASP.NET projects is been recevied by readers very nicely. I am also working on a book which will be on Security and Hacking. But yes these books are like for refreshing but Interview question series is what i will be mainly

Tarunesh :- Who are your heroes ?

S Koirala :- Well i have different heroes for different categories. BUt for book writing i say Ivan Bayross is my hero. I have learnt from his books how to write a book. His book of oracle has made me complete my first book. I also like the presentation style of Yeshwant Kanetkar.I like Bruce eckles marketing style a lot , write a book give it free and let the readers make a choice. This way you have to always write a good book or else no one buys it. Through out my professional career i have met good seniors from whom i have learnt lot Chris my PM , Ranjit menon Avanade DU , Manohar Kamath for this sharpness , Kapil siddharth for his architecture thinking and he is really a good freind of mine and so on. These guys are like good seniors whose quality i always admire and i think take with me.

Tarunesh :- Thats a long list of heroes.

S Koirala :- Yes i learnt from every one something so it is.

Tarunesh :- Whats the current title you are working on.

S Koirala :- Just completed a book on Software testing interview questions.....Hope good for it.

Tarunesh :- What's your ultimate goal ?

S Koirala :- Keep writing and Keep writing. But yes i want to write one good book which is not technical and talks about the emotional part of the developer or the software profession.

Tarunesh :- Which is your higest selling book.

S Koirala :- The only one .NET interview questions, followed by Java and so on.

Tarunesh :- How does your family look at your book writing ?.

S Koirala :- They like it and they are proud. I always think i am a big culprit of my wife and kid. I have taken their time and given it for my career. If i am winner in IT i am a biggest looser on the family aspect. For past 6 months i am trying my level best to be with them.....I think if a person looses his career is fine but loosing family pleasures is the biggest worry.

Tarunesh :- Any thing you want to say to juniors ?

S Koirala :- Work hard , ups and downs are part of life and yes love your family than your work.

Tarunesh :- Thanks So much Shiv.

S Koirala :- Thanks Tarun to make me a hero by taking my interview.


ரமி said...

(I like u man)

Awi said...

I appreciate your confidence

Anonymous said...

I was in the Architecture SRG group of Avanade. I still remembered the spirit of the Architecture group grew by your guidance. You are really awesome. I had attended your Globalization Seminar and it was great. Your SQL Server caching Seminar was awesome. You know one thing if any one had made interesting the 3 days ACA.NET thing it was you.

I am surprised you had such a bad rating.....But i am sure with whatever i am hearing around in IT.....You are just rising....Kick the ASS show you are the Shivprasad Koirala...The Techy Man.

Anonymous said...

Shiv bhai yaar interview dete samay bhi aise hi baat karte ho...Liked it.

This Sanjay yaar from Dell

Anonymous said...

This is a great interview. It just tells us that we need to think beyind 8 hours of this Shit project , managers etc

Avanade said...

Avanade rated the TOP MVP of india with C grade.....

looks like they are filled with dirty politics....

Nilesh Pandit said...

Hello Shivkumar sir.

You are my hero and inspiration.