Monday, September 17, 2007

From a reader who reminded my old days.......

--- From a reader who reminded my old days..
Hi Shiv,
I have bought your book SQL Server interview Questions. It was really worth every paisa I spent on it. There were hell lots of stuffs which I work into my day to day basis but had no idea how ignorant I was. It is simple and good book. The language is purely simple and clean. I really wish I could meet you someday and thank you for writing this book.
Right now I am looking for a job change as I am not paid well here for merely not have completed my Masters. Even though I have performed well and deserve a decent salary, management always makes some excuses. You know why I wrote this mail? Its because I felt like somewhere below the line we have a connection. Read your interview in which you have told how you spent so much of nights in the company and toiled hard. But your salary was reduced for the reason being non performance. Its how It connects me to you. I work here day and nights. But at the end get some unbelievable excuses for not giving the hike in salary.
By Shiv
--- I did not expose his name because this site is heavily visited by software industry people.....Do not be personal show the world you are not snooby....Software industry is huge why to wait when seniors do not care....

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