Sunday, February 3, 2008

Added some extra questions on Ajax

Busy updating my 4 th edition on .NEt Interview questions. Below are the list of new questions added to Ajax.

What problem does Ajax solve?

What is Ajax?

What is the fundamental behind Ajax?

What is JSON?

How do we use XMLHttpRequest object in JavaScript?

How do we do asynchronous processing using Ajax?

What are the various states in XMLHttpRequest and how do we check the same?

How can we get response text?

How can we send request to the server using the XMLHttpRequest component?

How do we pass parameters to the server?

How can we create a class in JavaScript using Atlas?

How do we do inheritance-using Atlas?

How do we define interfaces using Atlas?

How do we reference HTML controls using Atlas?

Can you explain Scriptmanager control in Ajax?

Can you explain Enablepartialrendering and UpdatePanel control in Ajax?

Can you explain the concept of triggers in ‘UpdatePanel’ control?

Can you explain the ‘UpdateProgress’ component?

How can you do validations in Ajax?

How do we do exception handling in Ajax?

How do we consume web service in Atlas?

How can we consume data directly in web services?

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