Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Excel FAQ for office...Can not stop writing....

On my new project EXCEL FAQ for Office. Hope to make a small place in the hearts of accountants , financial and brokerage firms. Alive , still writing .....
Common Formulas
How to find average of a given set of results?
How do we concatenate in excel?
Investment, loan and Interest calculation
How can we calculate compounding interest in excel?
How do we calculate future and present value for series of cash flow?
To achieve 61051 INR after 5 yrs at 10% interest rate what should be the yearly investment amount?
How do we calculate number of years for given rate of interest and loan value?
How do we calculate rate of interest?
How do we calculate straight line depreciation?
What is double declining depreciation?
How do we calculate depreciation using ‘sum of year digit’?
How can we calculate depreciation for a certain time period?


bhavanesh said...

Your Excel FAQ is really worth it i am sure i am going to ask u for PDF and will recomend to my all friends this time they will be all non technical ppl and i will make u give them a small tutor for them its first time i felt there is some new to learn in excel shiv u have really by passed my though and imagination for MS office subjects once again u really made me intrested in office i always knew u were good technical friends of mine but now it looks u r turning to be my motivator

bhavanesh said...

how abt when would you use Vlookup and Hlookup or when do u use goal seek,scenerio or solver , how r they diffrent from each other ,wht is FV.PV,PMT

Jigu said...

Hi Shiv,
Jignesh here. I always your fan of your books for two reason first they are written for common people developers and common users. Second very simple english.

Looking at the questions i can easily you have again targetted the common man ( Accountants and office people). Please keep writing i am sure you will fly high.

ICR - Raman said...

Yes really, shiv sir hands up......... to your such a keen explanation in excel.

Kelkar said...

Where can i buy this book ?. I have all your books as collection in living room. You rock. I will buy this for my brother.