Friday, May 9, 2008

Release plan of books for this year

My rough plan for this year.

Excel Questions and Answers 50 days 3/24/2008 5/30/2008
Architecture Interview Questions 40 days 6/2/2008 7/25/2008
Web designer Interview Questions 50 days 7/28/2008 10/3/2008
Oracle Interview questions 50 days 10/6/2008 12/12/2008
Data mining Warehousing interview Questions 50 days 12/15/2008 2/20/2009
Software IT Interview Questions 40 days 2/23/2009 4/17/2009
Java Interview Questions ( Updated Version ) 15 days 4/20/2009 5/8/2009
.NET Interview Questions ( Updated Version ) 10 days 5/11/2009 5/22/2009
Testing Interview Question ( Updated Version) 10 days 5/25/2009 6/5/2009


Anonymous said...

Its a tough plan to follow. Eagerly looking forward for Architecture Interview

Anonymous said...

Yeah..Looking for architecture book asap.

Anonymous said...

Nice Books yaar....

Wajid Ali said...

I am from Pakistan. Your Book "C# and ASP.NET projects" is not avaialable in pakistan. I have confirmed from 'vanguard' and other some many book shop at Mall Raod Lahore Pakistan. According to 'Vanguard' This is out of stock and may be not avaiable up to 6 months. Now help how i can buy this book.Thanks

reply at