Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trip to Nepal

Trip to Nepal

Forgot to post about my nepal trip which happened 4 months back. I had written about it but did not post in my blog here's it.Those two weeks where one of best days of my life. Visiting my native place after almost 4 years was like visiting heaven.

12 th April and 13 th April -- Boarded the flight from Mumbai domestic airport to Delhi. I knew about the taxi men and rickshaw guys how they cut for a hefty sum. So we caught a rick from there to Dhaula Kuan(negotiated 50 rs maximum). This is the the place from where all buses go to any part of delhi. From Dhaula Kuan caught a bus to Anand Vihar. From there caught a bus to Gauri phanta. One night journey crossing from Bareily and takes you to the border. So 13th morning i was at my Indian border house.

14th -- Just roamed here and there with Mr lalu (brother) who stays near to my house. Maoist where winning the election with majority votes so politics was the talk of the town. Every one is saying 'Nayo Nepal' the way we said some times back 'Shining India'. Still there is a long way to go for the maoist.

15,16 17 th -- Morning took a bike to go my dad's village Ratoli which is in Doti. Travelled approx 250 Km (Dandaildhera,Gaira , Doti ) from Dhangadi to Doti it was rocking.....Village tea , fish , wine everything was awesome. Met my gradparents , watched the sethi river, ate nice village food. It was a great experience.

18 th Back to border of nepal and 23st again boarded a flight from delhi to mumbai.

Back to mumbai , traffic ,pollution , career, writing and what not....Looks like we are all going far away from mother nature. Will again visit Nepal soon.

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dear koirala,

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