Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lot of Action happening in life

For past four months lot of action happening in life. Some of the activities are below
16 hours of action pack videos on Enterprise application blocks
20 hours of cool videos on .NET projects which shows completing a invoicing and accounting project end to end , in object oriented fashion , three tier , implementing design pattern etc etc
20 Hours of cool video on Design pattern and UML. Currently design pattern i have made for both C# and JAVA

and lot more...

Catch it all on ;-) lets see where life takes me...

On personal front diwali is on. Blasted lot of crackers , my Choti is afraid of it. She grips me when i crack crackers and i like it. Renovated my small office of questpond. Planning to go to a resort this week for four days. by the way this week i was continously drinking and my wife has named me bewda ;-). For the coming month my target of drinking has been put down to One large CAN of beer every month and FUEL every twice month....heheheh mens are mens. Brother has joined my business and i feel homely now running the business :-).....My target for the coming year on personal front is to drink with DAD when i go to Nepal. Drinking with him is the most enjoyable moment of my life.

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Techbee said...

Very good .net Questions..

Pls Post other Interview questions..

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