Friday, December 26, 2008

How was 2008 for me and Questpond ?

How was 2008 for me ?I think if i have prospered on a personal level then its on 2008. Here are some of the achievements i made on personal front :-
My AcheivementsReleased project management interview questionsReleased Excel,Word Questions and Answers
Released Architecture Interview questions
Established QuestPond formally by launching .NEt architecture videos and .NET project videos
Tied up with 4 bookshops ( its less but atleast i started) to sell Questpond product
Written around 100 articles across all major microsoft sites
My own brother now looks after my marketing work , so was able to hire my brother :-) .
In all Microsoft websites my articles where published this was a big leap for questpond and me.
Found my backup partner Mr Guru who will help me in writing and recording. I am sure he is not good than but the best.
Regrets and Failures
Comparative with 2007 i have given more time for my family but i want to give more this year.
Worked on some videos like Enterprise blocks but that did not give me much output and visibility. if had invested somewhere else should have made more out of it.
Did not write much books this year due to video work.
Have not made any international expansion on personal front.
Not revised .NET Interview question book still.

Future plans
Revising .NET interview 5 the edition
SharePoint video
WCF.WPF,WWF and LINQ video series
OOPS video
Interview Question on SharePoint , Oracle , Web designing
Finally i am nothing with out you readers , who take pain in hearing my videos and reading my articles/books. Thanks a lot from my heart to you guys....With out you readers this guy is nothing.


Anonymous said...

Good progress. I will say awesome progress. This is Raju here from the VFS team. I was a great fan of your technical knowledge. The way you gave solutions to our problem was easy and nice. It was nice working under you and Sainath.

Anonymous said...

Yes what ever raju said is right

Anonymous said...

No. of lines in achievements in 2008 is higher than no. of regrets. It's been a quantum leap for you this year in terms of online. The law of exponential returns will continue in 2009, hopefully.

Raju & Raman - thanks for the generous words.


Anonymous said...

I was standing on a Australian computer book shop. A girl walked in confidently and said Design patterns by Shiv Koirala. I was shocked she some how spelled your name. Not only i felt proud as Indian , but also i was able to feel your success. I searched your name online got your blog and wanted to convey this thing to you. I think this is big leap for a Indian IT author. Good going.

Shivprasad Koirala said...

Thanks Sai, Raman , Raju and Karan. Nice to your comments on my blog. Happy new year and hope life brings lot of prosperity for every one in the coming year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir

Happy new year. I think i should also make a list like this will help me plan my coming year. Thanks for helping me virtually

Anonymous said...

Hello Shiv,

You are really doing a great job by helping out so many.. I was a great fan of your book.

Can you please send me the latest interview questions copy to


Parvti said...

Hi Prasad,
This is Parvti,

I am looking for Project management interview question ,Can you help me out.


My mail id is
Any one can post sugggestion,tips and trick to enhance to be perfect in project management.

Naresh said...

Hi Shiv

My name is VS 2008 interview question book released...please let me know..

Durgesh Rai said...

Dear Shiv

Everytime when i m trin to open

Its alaway hang my system....

Please take care thi...
Durgesh Rai

Unknown said...

I watched the sample videos on question pond. Videos are a great help for beginners like me. I wonder if will you will some time to help me with problems that i am facing in WCF service hosting and deployment.
Can I e-mail you the problems in detail?