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.Net and C# Interview Questions:-What are the various questions asked in C# and .NET interview


The following are the 4 basics section for the interview purpose and below is the diagram to understand in better manner.

  • .NET basics

  • New Technologies

  • Architecture

  • Process

.NET basics include the questions on the following sections.

  • Basics of .NET OOPS

  • SQL Server



  • Web Services
New Technologies includes the questions on the following sections.

  • WCF

  • WPF/Silverlight

  • LINQ/Entity framework

  • Azure

  • WWF
Architecture includes the questions on the following sections.

  • Design Patterns


  • UML

  • Documentation

  • Requirement to design
Process includes the questions on the following sections.

  • Agile Estimation

  • FPA

  • CMMI

  • Six Sigma
.NET basics
Following questions are related to fundamentals of .NET.

  • What is CLR, CTS, CTS, IL Code?

  • What is Value type, Reference type and Stack, Heap Memory?

  • What is Garbage Collector and working of Garbage Collector?

  • What are GAC, Delegate, Event, and JIT?
Following questions are related to object oriented programming system (OOPS).

  • Why we need OOPS concept?

  • What are the different Principals of OOPS?

  • How to implement Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and

  • What are Abstract Class and Interface and differences? What are the
    Classes and Object?
Following questionsis related toSQL Server.

  • What are SQL Queries, Sub Queries?

  • What are Joins and its different types?

  • What are Normalization, Denormalization and Performance Tuning?

  • What are Indexes, Clustered Indexes?
Following questions is related to ADO.NET.

  • What are Dataset, Data Reader and Data Adapter?

  • What are Connection Object and Connection String?
Following questions is related to ASP.NET.

  • What are the Session Variable, Application and Cache Object?

  • What isServer.Transfer and Response.Redirect?

  • Difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect?

  • What is Authentication and Authorization?
Following questions is related to Web Services.

  • What is WSDL?

  • What are ASMX, SOAP?
New Technologies
Following questions is related to WCF.

  • What are Operation Contract, Service Contract and Data Contract?

  • What is Data Member?

  • What are Address Binding and Contract Binding?

  • What do you mean End points?
Following questions is related toWPF/Silverlight.

  • What are XAML, XAP?

  • What is Silverlight Architecture?

  • What is MVVM pattern and RIA Services.
Following questions is related toLINQ/Entity framework.

  • What are the three main components on LINQ?

  • What is the use LINQ and Entity Framework?

  • What are Data Context Object and Entity Object?

  • What are LINQ DBML and LINQ EDMX?
Following questions is related toAzure.

  • What is Cloud Computing?

  • What are blobs, tables and Queues?
Following questions is related toWWF.

  • What areSequential Workflow and State Machine Workflow?
Following questions is related to Design Pattern.

  • What is Factory Design Pattern?

  • What areSingleton Design Pattern and Iterator?
Following questions is related to MVC, MVP and MVVM.

  • Define MVC, MVP and MVVM?

  • What is MVC template and when to use?
Following questions is related toUML.

  • What are Use cases?

  • What is Activity diagram and Class diagram?
Following questions is related toDocumentation.

  • What areRequirement document and Design document?

  • What is test plan?
Following questions is related toRequirement Design.

  • How will you go from Requirement to Design?
Following questions is related toAgile.

  • What are Scrum Backlog Template and Simple Backlog Template?
Following questions is related toEstimation FPA.

  • What are EI, EO, EQ and EIF?
Following questions is related toCMMI.

  • What is meant by Key Process Area (KPA)?

  • What are the different five level of CMMI?

Following questions is related toSix Sigma.

  • What is Six Sigma?

  • What is the importance’s of Six Sigma?

  • What are Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Black Belt?
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