Friday, November 25, 2011

.NET interview questions: - Similarities and Differences between Classes and structures.

One of the most likely .NET interview questions asked in the interview, so you should include the following points in your answers.
Similarities between classes and structures: -
  • Both can have constructors, methods, properties, fields, constants, enumerations, events, and event handlers.
  • Structures and classes can implement interface.
  • Both of them can have constructors with and without parameter.
Both can have delegates and events.

Key differences are: -
  • Structures are value types and classes are reference types. So structures use stack and classes use heap.
  • Structures members cannot be declared as protected, but class members can be. You cannot do inheritance in structures.
  • Structures do not require constructors while classes require.
  • Objects created from classes are terminated using Garbage collector. Structures are not destroyed using GC.
Following you can see video on regular expressions with some practical demonstrations: -

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Suvitha said...


This is a good site helping people who are on the search for a software job. Videos always help people to grasp things in a quicker fashion and I appreciate your efforts on that.

NKD said...

Hi, just wanted to point out that in C# you cannot define a parameter-less constructor for struct