Friday, November 30, 2012

Important SQL Server interview questions on data types: - How many bytes does “char” data type consume as compared to “nchar” data type?

“char” data types consumes 1 byte while “nchar” consumes 2 bytes. The reason is because “char” stores only ASCII characters while “nchar” can store UNICODE contents as well.

In case you are new to ASCII and UNICODE. ASCII accommodates 256 characters i.e.english letters ,punctuations , numbers etc.But if we want to store a Chinese character  or some other language characters then  it was difficult to the same with ASCII  , that’s where UNICODE comes in to picture. An ASCII character needs only 1 byte   to represent a character while UNICODE needs to 2 bytes.

One of my SQL Server friends who had gone for a SQL interview was grilled , whether we can update SQL Server views , I have tried to answer this question here with a video

The above question I have extracted from near to heart book
SQL Server interview questions By Shivprasad koirala by BPB publication

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