Friday, August 15, 2014

ASP.NET VS MVC – Vocabulary confusion

If you have clicked on this article thinking that ASP.NET is the old thing and MVC is the new thing then you need to seriously read this article.

Recently I was taking Learn MVC in 2 days in Andheri Mumbai and I saw lot of participants thinking ASP.NET is different and MVC is different. During the MVC training many were referring ASP.NET as the old thing and MVC as the new thing. But actually they are one and the same thing.

ASP.NET is a web framework of Microsoft and MVC is a visual studio code template to  write code using MVC architecture style. The proper name of OLD ASP.NET is “ASP.NET webforms”. So ASP.NET webform is the old ASP.NET with behind code and MVC is the new thing.

This is also very much evident when you create an ASP.NET Web project using visual studio. In visual studio you will see two different templates one with the name “ASP.NET Webform” and the other with “ASP.NET MVC”.

Note :- Web and Webform are one and the same thing.

If you want to learn MVC step by step start from the below link


Svik said...

Thank you Shivprasad for explaining the basic similarity and difference betwen, web forms and mVC.
This is definitely a good source of information for MVC learners and the ones switching from web forms to MVC.

Svik said...

Thanks Mr Shivprasad, such clarity even at the basic levels are so required. It will definitely help building a stronger foundation for MVC learners and specially the ones switching from web forms to MVC.