Monday, November 12, 2007

My Best and the worst Project i worked with...

My best project till now. .NEt and SQL Server Interview questions. Wanted to write a book which will take me in to every microsoft professionals heart.....It was 3 months of continous writing....I think i have made it where i wanted to.

This was in my young times , working in DELL. Great project its still working running around 280 locations and a has ahuge financial turnover. Was looking after a team 6 people was a team lead...... There was a time when the head of department technicals gave up saying that the dead line is impossible. 6 members and me made to the top. Received the best team award.

Ebenshoppe team of around 15 people....The project failed but is still my best project for the only thing the decision of marketing was wrong and not technical......Will not forget those struggling days.

10 books launch. This was not a project actually i mean not a software project. Had promised to one of my publishers for delivery of 10 books. I mean write 10 books. lot of people left me alone. Tied up with one local guy completed it. Saved publisher and his money...not to forget lot of book shopkeepers where also waiting for the same.

VFS where i am working currently. Good team to work with. The speciality of this project it was not something short like normal project but rather a huff and tuff one year continious development project....Happy with it , my main goal of entering this project was to make one common project....i think we did it......

Whats next.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Shivprasad,

I happened to see your book on interview questions on testing...and am surprised by content quality. Good! By the way, are you aware that one of your writing has been quoted as reference in Caper Jones book on estimation?

N Murugesan

Anonymous said...

Dear Shiv,

I heard about your networking interview questions can i know where can i get from ?. I am need of job can you please tell me where i can buy urgent

Anonymous said...

Dear Shivprasad,

Dont be so humble!!!

I was referring to your work listed in Capers Jones book "Estimating Software Costs" second edition which I recently purchased.

Refer Page 484 - Quote

"Koirala, Shavisprasad:"How to Prepare Quotation Using Use Case Points" (heep://"

Great Man!!!

Keep in touch!!

N Murugesan

Shivprasad Koirala said...

Thank you so much Murgesan and sorry that i mistaked you