Thursday, November 29, 2007

On my next assigment......Project Management Interview Questions.......

On my next assigment......Project Management Interview Questions.......
Anything to add let me know.
Basics of project management

Define project?

Can you explain Scope triangle?

Schedule Management
(B) Can you explain WBS?
(B) Can you explain WBS numbering?
(I) Can you explain the use of WBS ?
(B) Can you explain network diagram?
(B) What are the different types of network diagram?
(B) What is the advantage of using network diagrams?
(B) Can you explain Arrow diagram and Precendence diagram?
(B) What are the different types of Network diagrams?
(B) Can you explain Critical path?
(I) Can you define EST, LST, EFT, LFT?
(B) Can you explain Float and Slack?
(B) Can you explain PERT?
(B) Can you explain GANTT chart?
(I) What is the disadvantage of GANTT chart?
(I) What is Monte-Carlo simulation? Costing
(B) Can you explain PV, AC and EV?
(B) Can you explain BCWS, ACWS and BCWP?
(B) What are the derived metrics from Earned Value?
(A) Can you explain earned value with a sample?
Agile Development
(I) What does Agile mean?
(I) Can you explain Agile modelling?
(A) What are core and supplementary principles in Agile modelling?
(A) What is the main principle behind Agile documentation?
(I) What are the different methodologies to implement Agile?
(I) What is XP?
(I) What are User Stories in XP and how different are they from requirement?
(I) When are test plans written in XP?

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Nathaniel @ project management test questions said...

Great post. I also want to add.
Standard Project Management Interview Questions:

How do you determine realistic schedules for the project?

Explain your methods for resource allocation.

How do you manage suppliers?

How do you inform all the stakeholders of the progress of the project on a regular basis?

How do you monitor risks to the project and mitigate them?

What tools do you use to monitor and control projects?

What project management methodologies are you most familiar with?

What project software have you used?

Hope I helped. Keep it up the good work!