Saturday, December 8, 2007

Confessions of a Small Publisher :- Szuprowicz

Confessions of a Small Publisher

At our monthly meeting of writers recently we invited a small publisher to tell us about the book publishing realities. Here are some useful items:

They get an average of 35 book submissions every week. Agented and otherwise. That’s at least 1500 per year and they publish only 5-7 every year. That’s about 99.5% rejection rate.

We asked about criteria for rejection. They take first 30 pages of your manuscript and give it to at least 5 independent “readers” who then suggest to the publishers which manuscripts to read in full.

They also give advances, which means you sell them your book. When they decide to publish they go with traditional printers and print 5000 copies or so to have a very low cost and leave as much margin as possible for promotion and marketing costs. They announce a new title at least 6 months before it is scheduled and then send up to 100 copies of book to reviewers.

It does not matter who it is. I believe that many small new publishers are much the same.


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