Thursday, December 27, 2007

IT Software Quotes

Working on a very special book IT quotes here are some do let me know if you heard anything good mail it to me at

No source code is perfect it has to be made perfect (refactoring).

A late night sitting developer is a sign of poor estimation.

A over process oriented software company is a sign of organized hypocrisy.

When a project manager over commits to the end customer it’s the developer who suffers.

We are tired to hearing again and again process does not work, ofcourse it’s not supposed to work, we have to make it work.

If an IT management allows me to produce 1000 different types of metrics, I can easily give an illusion that the project is healthy.

A good leader and a good IT project manager is not the same thing.

When a choice has to be made between quality and deadline, it’s seldom that quality wins.

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I have put the metrics saying as my email signature.....Good going koirala

vinothvs said...

Very nice Quotes. Absolutely true(First 4)