Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Architecture Interview Questions on the way.....

Can you explain use case diagrams?
Can you explain primary and secondary actors?
How does a simple use case look like?
Can you explain ‘Extend’ and ‘Include’ in use cases?
Can you explain class diagrams?
How do we represent private, public and protected in class diagrams?
what does associations in a class diagram mean?
Can you explain aggregation and composition in class diagrams?
What are composite structure diagram and reflexive association in class diagrams?
Can you explain business entity and service class?
Can you explain System entity and service class?
Can you explain generalization and specialization?
Can you explain object diagrams in UML?
Can you explain sequence diagrams?
Can you explain collaboration diagrams ?
Can you explain activity diagrams?
What is state chart diagram?
Can you explain stereotypes in UML?
Can you explain package diagrams?



Anonymous said...

When are you going to release this edition from you company sir.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shiv,
When is this book releasing.....I think you are robot....Nice job man...When i goto any computer book shop i can only hear Koirala books.....Way to go Shiv..

Anonymous said...

you add some "Desi" flavour to your books which make them really easy for some one like me go through.I really like your "c# and asp.net project" - this really is very close to what i actually want in my dialy routine.
Thanks for all the hardwork :-)

Anonymous said...


Need this book. Let me know once this is on stands !

Prahlad, Bengaluru