Friday, December 17, 2010

25 important WCF interview questions

25 important WCF interview questions

This section will cover the most asked questions on WCF interview. So have a look on the following and do revise it when ever you go for the WCF interviewNormally WCF interviewer starts with.....

What are the important principles of SOA (Service oriented Architecture)?
What are ends, contract, address, and bindings?
Which specifications does WCF follow?
What are the main components of WCF?
Explain how Ends, Contract, Address, and Bindings are done in WCF?
What is a service class?
What is a service contract, operation contract and Data Contract?
What are the various ways of hosting a WCF service?
How do we host a WCF service in IIS?
What are the advantages of hosting WCF Services in IIS as compared to

What are the major differences between services and Web services?
What is the difference WCF and Web services?
What are different bindings supported by WCF?
Which are the various programming approaches for WCF?
What is one-way operation?
Can you explain duplex contracts in WCF?
How can we host a service on two different protocols on a single server?
How can we use MSMQ bindings in WCF?
Can you explain transactions in WCF?
What different transaction isolation levels provided in WCF?
Can we do transactions using MSMQ?
Can we have two-way communications in MSMQ?
What are Volatile queues?
What are Dead letter queues?
What is a poison message?

So friends answering to above questions on WCF interview questions helped me to clear interview in front of the interviewer.

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