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ASP.NET Interview questions Caching , Application and ASP.NET page lifecycle - Part 1 ( 5 Questions ).

ASP.NET Interview questions Caching , Application and ASP.NET page life
cycle - Part 1 ( 5 Questions ).

Below are Most important ASP.NET interview questions from caching aspect
during .NET Interviews .
Day before yesterday I was at Mumbai Seepz giving a C# interview and below are some questions which where asked from ASP.NET aspect.

What are the various ways of doing caching in ASP.NET ?You can cache by using output cache directive , cache object and application object.
The next thing the interviewer asked was regarding cache and application object.
What's the difference between cache and application object ?In cache object you can define dependency properties , in application object you can not. In other words when the data which is cached changes even the cache object gets refreshed , but this is not the case of application object. You need to do a pull to refresh the data.This is a 100% sure question , how does ASP.NET page life cycle work ?.
What are the different events which occur in ASP.NET page life cycle ?
Init , load , validate , event and render.
Remember SILVER ( Init , load , validate , event and render).
What are HttpHandlers and HttpModules ?
Both of these entities have one common goal , i.e. intercepting ASP.NET request and performing some operation on the request before it reaches the main object.
But they way they intercept the request are different. HttpHandler intercepts the request using file extensions while HttpModule intercepts the request using Http events.
You can refer ASP.NET page life cycle article here for details.

Why do we need session variables ?Http is a stateless protocol , after every request and response it forgets its original state. Session variables helps us to remember the state after every request and response.

Well frankly I did not clear this ASP.NET interview as I failed to answer simple .NET interview questions. So i will suggest every one to go through .NET Interview questions from this link. This article is part 1 of ASP.NET interview question and answers i will be soon posting by other questions in the coming week... Happy job hunting.

By Shivprasad koirala

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