Wednesday, January 5, 2011

19 important SQL Server interview questionson Database Optimization

19 important SQL Server interview questionson Database Optimization

This section will cover the most asked SQL Server interview questions by the interviewer so have a look on the following and do revise it when ever you go for the SQL Server interview
Normally SQL Server interview starts with.....

What are indexes?
What are B-Trees?
I have a table which has lot of inserts, is it a good database design to
create indexes on that table?

What are “Table Scan’s” and “Index Scan’s”?
What are the two types of indexes and explain them in detail?
What is “FillFactor” concept in indexes?
What is the best value for “FillFactor”?
What are “Index statistics”?
How can we see statistics of an index?
How do you reorganize your index, once you find the problem?
What is Fragmentation?
How can we measure Fragmentation?
How can we remove the Fragmented spaces?
What are the criteria you will look in to while selecting an index?
What is “Index Tuning Wizard”?
How do you see the SQL plan in textual format?
What is Nested join, Hash join and Merge join in SQL Query plan?
What joins are good in what situations?
What is RAID and how does it work?

So friends answering to above question on Database Optimization of SQL Server interview questions helped me to clear in front of the interviewer.

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