Tuesday, January 18, 2011

26 important SQL Server interview questions on .NET integration - Part 2

26 important SQL Server interview questions on .NET integration - Part 2

This section is Part 2 and it will cover the most asked SQL Server interview questions by the
interviewer so have a look on the following and do revise it when ever you go for the SQL Server interview
Normally SQL Server interview starts with.....

What is Multi-tasking?
What is Multi-threading?
What is a Thread?
Can we have multiple threads in one App domain?
What is Non-preemptive threading?
What is pre-emptive threading?
Can you explain threading model in SQL Server?
How does .NET and SQL Server thread work?
How is exception in SQLCLR code handled?
Are all .NET libraries allowed in SQL Server?
What is “Hostprotectionattribute” in SQL Server 2005?
How many types of permission level are there for an assembly?
In order that an assembly gets loaded in SQL Server what type of checks
are done?

Can you name system tables for .NET assemblies?
Are two version of same assembly allowed in SQL Server?
How are changes made in assembly replicated?
In one of the projects following steps where done, will it work?
What does Alter assembly with unchecked data signify?
How do I drop an assembly?
Can we create SQLCLR using .NET framework 1.0?
While creating .NET UDF what checks should be done?
How do you define a function from the .NET assembly?
Can you compare between T-SQL and SQLCLR?
With respect to .NET is SQL SERVER case sensitive?
Does case sensitive rule apply for VB.NET?
Can nested classes be accessed in T-SQL?

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