Wednesday, May 18, 2011

C# and .NET interview Question - Explain what is Special Collections?


Special Collection:-Special Collection are nothing but tailored .net
collection meant for specific purpose.

There are many types of special collection in .net but let only talk about
four important special collection which are mostly used.

The following are the four important special collections

1. CollectionsUtil:-
It help us to Create collections that ignores the
case in String.

Hashtable ObjHash = CollectionsUtil.CreateCaseInsensitiveHashtable();
ObjHash.Add("feroz","he is a developer");
string str = (string) ObjHash["FEROZ"];

2. ListCollection:-Good for Collections that typically contain less
number of elements.

ListDictionary ObjDic = new ListDictionary();
ObjDic.Add("feroz", "he is a developer");
ObjDic.Add("moosa", "he is a developer");

3. HybridCollection:- It is combination of ListDictionary and
HashTable.When the collection items are less then it will act as
ListDictionary and when number of items increases above 10 or above certain
number then it will act as a Hashtable Collection.

 HybridDictionary ObjHybrid = new HybridDictionary();
ObjHybrid.Add("feroz", "he is a developer");
ObjDic.Add("Wasim", "he is a network administrator");
ObjDic.Add("moosa", "he is a hardware engineer");

4. StringCollection:- It is a very special Collection, which is
designed for storing only string items.

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