Wednesday, October 5, 2011

.NET interview questions: - What are delegate & steps to create delegate?

We can define delegate as an abstract strong pointer to a function or method. In
other words we can create a pointer which points to a method or function and
then pass that pointer wherever you wish and invoke the function / method.

It is a 4 steps simple process for delegate creation:-

1. First step is we need to declare a delegate.

2. Then create an object reference for it.

3. Pointing the reference towards a method.

4. And finally we need to invoke the method through a delegate.

Below is the sample code snippet for the same.

// Declare a delegate
public delegate int PointToAdd(int p, int q);

// Create a reference pointer
PointToAdd objpointer = null;

// Point to the method
objpointer = Add;

// Invoke the function/method

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