Wednesday, April 10, 2013 :- Learn SharePoint Step by Step Videos is like a family to me. So when they announced which is a extension arm ( I hope I am not wrong) of for videos , I was overexcited.

So here are my three videos on Sharepoint 2010. These three videos will help you to get to speed with sharepoint.

Note :- I have a typical Indian accent  and English is my second language. So if my accent hurts your ears , sorry for it.

In the first video I have explained basics like Sharepoint and Sharepoint foundation. This video is a warm-up video where I have talked about benefits of sharepoint and what are the pre-requisites for installing sharepoint.

In the second video I have wasted no time and I started creating a small portal using sharepoint. While creating this portal we will also go through different sharepoint concepts like Webapplications,Site collection,Site , pages and List. While creating the portal we will take help of custom fields and content types to collect end user data.

This third video is an extension of second video. The second video was almost 25 minutes so I broken down the videos in two parts.

This is my first experiment with and I wish Chris and Sean the best for their new venture.

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