Monday, August 8, 2011

ASP.NET interview questions: - State various modes of storing ASP.NET session?

• InProc: - In this mode Session, state is stored in the memory space of the Aspnet_wp.exe process. This is the default setting. If the IIS reboots or web application restarts then session state is lost.
• StateServer:-In this mode Session state is serialized and stored in a separate process (Aspnet_state.exe); therefore, the state can be stored on a separate computer (a state server).

• SQL SERVER: - In this mode Session, state is serialized and stored in a SQL Server database.

Session state can be specified in <sessionState> element of application
configuration file. Using State Server and SQL SERVER session state can be
shared across web farms but note this comes at speed cost as ASP.NET needs to
serialize and de-serialize data over network repeatedly.

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