Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And the Indian Passport Office is same even after 10 years

Was today at the passport office to renew my passport.Filled the online passport form they gave a timing of 11 :00 AM and todays date. Went to the passport gate expecting i will not have to stand in the queue....Damn had to stand in the queue...I was the 420 th person in the queue. At evening 6:oo PM finally applied. Whole day wasted to manage the buercracy of the system.

10 years before when i applied it was better than this. Counters were more. They were many uneducated people on queue who were asked to print the online form....Damn the poor uneducated how does he know to print online. Second option given to him was go the counter pay 50 rs and get the online form.

Technology enables to work faster....But looks like its opposite for the Prabhadevi passport office.

Moral of the story--- Prabhadevi Passport Office will become worst as days pass by.

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