Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Funda of second hand books

Funda of second hand books
Some times back i was looking at one of the small gully book shops and saw a huge stock of second hand books like Let US C , JAVA , Bala guruswamy etc etc. Just asked the shopkeeper how do these books do. Pat he answered sells 2 copies every day for every book. Started my thinking all over India there must Lakhs of small shops like this.....Wondered the second hand books profit can not be enjoyed either by the publisher or the author. Yes the gulliwala is definelty under profit thats a different thing. But here are some of the tips which i learnt from Manish Jain BPB how to handle the same :-

Keep revising editions which are best sellers. For instance my .NET Interview sells approx 20 thousand copies a year and SQL Server hardly 5000. That means second hand copies of .NET will be available easily in 3 years time span in such local shops.So i always keep updating .NET on year basis and SQL Server every 4 years.
I really appreciate the depth knowledge what Manish has abot Indian Computer book Market.

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