Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The way small computer publishers work in India

They get an average of 8 book submissions every year. They publish 4-6 every year. That’s about 10% rejection rate.
I asked about criteria for rejection. They take first 30 pages of your manuscript and give it to at least 5 independent “readers” who then suggest to the publishers should they go for a print or not.
No advances paid on hand. You get money only if you sell. If your book does not sell deductions will happen from your royalty. Mostly they print 500 copies to test and see if the book sells. If it sells then go for more production.
If they are getting from there regular authors then they print 2000 copies approx depending on the author and the title. For instance i write for BPB mostly they print atleast 2000 copies for a start to see if my book is worth. If it sells good then go for the next lot....But again i am writing for BPB almost 3 years now. So because of the trust they move ahead.

New authors need to really prove to Indian publishers to stand worth.

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