Monday, February 26, 2007

My good seniors in my Career

Always said if seniors are good you get motivated , environment looks clean and you learn and grow. In my eight years of exp here are some of them who made this author

-- Chris nicolatos --- 55 years old guys taught me practical way of implementing OOPs, Way to think , Write nice code and how to be a practical project manager. He was not PMP certified , never did CMMI etc etc....But one thing i never had nights when i worked with him. Just to add you are the my building block.

-- Kapil Siddharth -- Taught me how a architecture shold think , Practical , to the grounds with the programmers.....The man who taught you should code when you are needed to.

-- Mukesh :- He was my junior but still my project manager. Taught me the true essence of programming never give up attitude.

-- Thamaka Nadan :- One senior who taught me how to be away from politics , cared for the project , gave me ear to always hear my thoughts , never let me down until i did some thing funny....Will always like to under him.

-- Manohar Kamath :- I will call him Mr perfect.....Taught me the passion to work...And do it once and do it perfect. Inspired to become MVP. Will always like to work under him if i get a chance....He will like it or not is a different question.

-- Ranjit Menon :- He was far far above me. But i can always see a respect in his eyes for juniors who worked under him. Humble and nice guy to talk to. One thing which always surprised about him he used to reply all emails how much ever busy he is and every one always found a appointment with him. Learnt from him how much ever busy you are always fine time for every one either its a senior or a far far below junior.

Every one has a hero and until now you guys are my hero.......The best part of all these guys was they never me let down....Oh yes i never let them down to. I think thats what we care for respect the juniors and he respects back.

Thanks to all you guys to make me....What i am..

Now you must be guessing did i have bad seniors.....Oh yes i have !!!!!!

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