Monday, October 8, 2007

Do Onsite attract Indian IT professionals any more ?

I had the same attraction in my fresher days . I was onsite for quiet a long time and missed my beautiful days of my family life. But the motive was to make my own house .But now no one can woo me for a onsite opportunity .....i have realized its a big price to pay over family. If you carry your family ( kid and your wife) you will save the same as you save in India. If you do not carry them you miss them which is much worst.

But i have seen a huge transition in thinking among IT professionals , Due to outsourcing many do not want to go to onsite as such. Salary structures are approximately equal now and with dollar rate coming down and big MNC having their branches in India , growth is more here than onsite.

If ever a professional wants to go its only for building a house or due to some financial problems.

You know what guys you do not become a eligible bachelor if you have a US H1 now a days , Indian girls are quiet smart now a days.

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