Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whats a good career Project Manager or Architecture ?

Technical is what i like to eat and breath. Growing technically is what i love. Here are some views from my personal point :-

-- Architecture is a good career but there are no official positions for the same. I mean a senior technical person probably , the team lead himself designs the architecture.

-- Architecture always come under the project managers.

-- Project managers are always paid more than the architecture.

But here are some +VE points

-- You can always jump from Architecture to pure Project management , vice versa jump is difficult.

-- There are less architectures and more project managers so you will never have job crunch. That's a different thing there is no architecture positions officially.

If you love technical then Architecture is good thing to opt for. The only bad point about this position is because you know lot of things , you can be over burdened by work. Second you should also be ready for less package than project managers.

The best thing about architecture is Project managers have to face lot of politics while Architectures do not. When i am doing some technically i forget the company politics. That makes my life better when i go home. I am sure many architectures are happy doing technical , while many project managers are burning inside with company politics. Probably that's what the price you pay for the extra money.

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