Monday, October 8, 2007

Do you carry your work tension to your home ?

I think most of the software professionals carry all their office work to the home , including seniors. I used to do the same when i was a freshers and also recently for some organization because of workload. But as things matured family and my personal growth became more important than work. Definitely i work 8 hours in the office but i see i spend equal quality time with my family.

Finally they will cry and remember me for the whole life when something happens to me and not the organization......I am only a resource for the organization finally.

Second important thing is if i am having issues with my colleague i try to keep the personal relationship different than official. I am sure no one is good or bad they are just different. Finally everybody is working for their family.

Some one said right love your work and not your organization whom you work for.

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Anonymous said...

u r right. carrying work to home is not good. that is something we must not do. we are not student to carry work to home. At home, we have to do the other things. incomplete works will be continued the next day at office. i m also a web developer. it is too bad that due dates are made by them. they never discuss due dates with us and they told us to do the project and the due dates are always tomorrow.