Saturday, October 6, 2007

Working environmental difference between IT and NON-IT

For IT

-- IT is the business itself so if it crashes everything crashes

-- In IT company’s technology has lot of influence. So in IT company’s up gradation is not an issue.

-- IT companies i mean pure IT companies ( i am not talking about product based IT companies) have multiple projects. So you can be exposed to wide variety of projects, customer and domain.

-- Due to project deadlines you can be overstressed

-- Onsite opportunity is abundant. But the pay structure due to outsourcing can be bit less.

-- Most important thing if there is a downturn in IT US then be careful about your job.

-- In IT companies you keep shuffling between projects and domain. So you are more of technical expertise rather than domain expertise.

-- This is the most important thing. When i made projects in IT companies i never felt i was near to users.

-- Your growth hierarchy is Junior Developer -- Senior Developer -- Team leader -- Project Manager -- Manager -- Accounts Manager etc etc

In Non-IT

-- IT is a support function for growing business.

-- Implementing and learning new technologies can be a big issue. Non-IT believes in implementation rather than applying new technologies.

-- Its in house so you work only one project and domain.

-- Its not a stressed environment.

-- Onsite opportunities are less.

-- If there is a downturn in IT does not affect Non-IT because IT is a support function.

-- You work on only one project and one domain. SO you will have added edge of domain knowledge.

-- In NOn-IT companies I knew the user and i knew how useful it is to the end user.

-- You growth hierarchy is more like Developer -- Manager -- Senior Manager -- General Manager -- CTO

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