Tuesday, February 1, 2011

13 important .net interview questions on debugging and tracing

13 important .net interview questions on debugging and tracing

This section will cover the most asked .net interview questions by the interviewer so friends have a look on the following and do revise .net interview questions when ever you go for the interview.

Normally the .net interviewer starts with.....

What is Instrumentation?
What is debugging and tracing?
How can we implement debugging and tracing in ASP.NET ?
How do we view the results of debug and trace?
So can we see a quick sample of how tracing information can be viewed?
What if we want to enable tracing in all pages?
Is it possible to do silent tracing, rather than displaying on the

How do I persist the instrumented information?
There is too much noise can we only see information which we need?
All the above methodologies are for web, how can we do tracing for windows?
Can we emit different types of trace events like critical, warning, error

Can we control what kind of information can be routed?
How can switch off instrumentation?

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