Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets

ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets

I have just reviewed a book written by Matt Perdeck ASP.NET site performance secrets.If you are really serious about ASP.NET site performance GRAB this. I am not recommending this book because I have reviewed it.

On my personal experience when I was reviewing/reading this book Matt pointed to so many facts which I as MVP was not aware of the same. My favorite topic in the book was IIS compression. Great work.... keep it up Matt.


ரவி said...

"I am not recommending this book "... why "not" recommeding? (or typing mistake?)

Rohan said...

Shiv means to say that he is not recommending this book because he has reviewed it rather one should read it because it is really worth it and not because he has reviewed it.