Wednesday, September 7, 2011

16 important .NET and C# interview questions

1.Can you explain Method of Sorting GridViewcontrol in ASP.NET?
2.Explain anonymous methods in .NET?
3.Data exporting from GridView to Excel
4.Define Named and Optional Arguments?

5. Describe Multi-targeting in .NET?
6.Two Methods that explains to back-up SQL Server Database and Restore Database?
7. Explain the term various modes of storing ASP.NET session?
8.What is use the of SN.EXE?
9.How will you describe the benefits and limitations of using Cookies?
10.Five most important SharePoint 2010 interview questions
Prove that anonymous Types better than Tuples.
Different types anonymous and their practical use?
Find the Age of an Employee whose Age is greater than 30 using SQL query.
Adding your window application icon to the task bar ?
Method of parsing values from string.
How will you implement interface with same method name in C#?

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