Saturday, September 17, 2011

.NET interview questions: - What is operator overloading?

Operator overloading is a concept of polymorphism where you can redefine
operators like +, - , * etc with additional functionalities.

For instance we can redefine the + functionalities to add objects like obj1 +
obj2. Below is simple code snippet which redefines + operator.

class SomeClass
private int someValue;
public SomeClass(int val)
someValue = val;
public static SomeClass operator +(SomeClass arg1, SomeClass arg2)
return new SomeClass(arg1.someValue + arg2.someValue);

You can now use the + operator to add objects of type someclass as shown in the below code snippet.

Obj = obj1 = obj2;
Also see the following private constructor video: -

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