Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WWF interview questions: - What are different types of Workflow in Windows Workflow foundation?

There are two basics type of workflow Sequential Workflow and State machines

A sequential workflow has clear start and finish boundaries. Workflow controls
execution in Sequential workflow. In sequential execution, one task is executed
after other. Sequential workflow is more rigid in format and execution path has
a determistic nature.

A State machine workflow is more dynamic in nature. Workflow has states and the
state waits for events to help it move to next state. In State machine execution
path is undetermestic nature.

Below figure shows visual conceptualization of fundamentals. You can see in
Sequential workflow the execution path is very determent. Shiv performs the
entire task sequentially and these tasks are very determent. Now have a look at
the second workflow. Every state goes to other state when it receives some
external events. For instance when Shiv is seeing star trek there is an event of
flashing news which triggers him to see the flashing new.

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